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Bakersfield Apostille

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Bakersfield is a city in Kern County in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Bakersfield is one of the fastest growing large cities in the United States. Bakersfield has a population of approximately 323,000 and a metropolitan area of approximately a half million.

Apostille is a certificate that is attach to documents for international use. What type of documents normally get apostille? Power of attorney, school documents, diploma, transcripts, degree, business documents, notarized documents and vital records such as birth certificate, marriage certificate & death certificate. Apostille countries can be Mexico, France, Italy, Germany, South Korea and countries that signed the Hague Convention of 1961.

Office location in Bakersfield? Unfortunately no. Apostilles are issued in Sacramento and if you need an apostille in a rush, you can go here.


Santa Cruz Apostille

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how to get an apostille in santa cruzSanta Cruz is the county seat and largest city of Santa Cruz County, California in the U.S. It is located on the northern edge of the Monterey Bay, about 72 mi south of San Francisco. With 29 miles of sun-drenched coastline, Santa Cruz County offers some of California’s best beaches, perfect for surfing or volleyball. But the fun only starts at the beach!

Apostille is a certificate that is attach to documents for international use. Common documents to be apostille are bill of sale, birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, power of attorney, notarized document and business documents. Unfortunately, the closest apostille office for northern California is located in Sacramento. There aren’t any offices in Santa Cruz that can issue apostille. If you need an apostille in a rush, you can go here.


How to get an Apostille in San Francisco?

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How do you get an apostille in San Francisco?
Getting an apostille in San Francisco can be tricky because there aren’t any offices in San Francisco that can issue apostilles? Can you get an apostille from the court house in San Francisco on 400 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA? The answer is no. Can you get an apostille from the county clerk in San Francisco on 1 Doctor Carlton B Goodlett Place, San Francisco, CA? No, you can not. The closest office to get an apostille is in Sacramento.

What can I do to get an Apostille in a hurry?
First, what type of documents do you have? Is it a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce decree, power of attorney, corporate documents, school documents, passport or identification documents? 

“I got my power of attorney apostille from Apostille Pros.”
-Emily, San Francisco

The best way is to ship your documents to Apostille Pros in Sacramento. They will apostille your documents the same day they receive your documents and ship them via FedEx overnight, so you receive the apostille documents the following day. Emily, a receptionist for a business firm in San Francisco, said, “Basically, I had my documents notarized in San Francisco and shipped my documents to Apostille Pros to be apostille. I received the power of attorney documents apostille for Germany. Everything was accepted and I will be using them again.”


Solano County California Apostille Seal

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solano county apostilleSolano County
Solano County is one of fifty-eight counties in California. It is located near Contra Costa County. The major cities in Solano County are Vacaville, Dixon, Fairfield, Suisun City, Rio Vista, Vallejo and Benicia.

California Apostille Seal
If you have a document that need to be use in another country, often it must be apostille.

Santa Clara County Apostille

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Santa Clara County ApostilleSanta Clara County
Santa Clara is located in the center of Silicon Valley, and is home to the headquarters of Intel, Applied Materials, NVIDIA, Agilent Technologies, and many other high-tech companies. It is home to both Mission College and Santa Clara University, the latter being the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of California.

Santa Clara County Apostille
The closest office to issue apostille in northern California is located in Sacramento. You can expedite the apostille process by using services like Apostille Pros.